End Pain - Lose Weight - Get Energized
~ And Learn How to Stay That Way Forever ~

It's so much more than a gym... it's a lifestyle transformation center that makes positive change permanent

So Much More Than a Gym...
It's a lifestyle transformation that makes positive change permanent...

Everything we do at Inner Strength is built specifically for your unique body and your unique lifestyle.
We know you’ve probably been to gyms in the past. This is completely different.
They have a revolving door of trainers with overcrowded classes that get stale
They have you do exercises you aren’t ready for.
They’re ONLY about sweating or lifting and giving you the bare minimum personal service (if any at all.)
They leave you in a constant state of worry, confusion and frustration.
At Inner Strength, we knock out the worry, confusion & frustration from the get-go.
We sit down and design a plan with you to ensure you’ll be comfortable (and wildly successful) every step of the way.

Fun, energizing workouts to fit any schedule! 
With our best-in-the-world health & lifestyle coaching built to support you for the long haul instead of the all-too-familiar "I've lost 160 pounds but it's been the same 10 pounds 16 times!"
With our in-house physiotherapy clinic and distance health consulting!
Starting Your Health Journey With Injury or Chronic Pain? You’ve come to the right place.
In Pain? We'll Get You Out.
If you're starting this journey with any type of chronic pain or injury, you’ve come to the right place. Our in-house Doctor of Physical Therapy offers even more personal attention and private sessions to work around your restrictions and End Your Pain Forever.

What To Look Forward To at Inner Strength:
Individually modified small group personal training for fat loss, toning, strength and increased all day energy.
Customized meal plans that work around foods you can’t eat or just don’t want to eat that help you get results fast and KEEP THEM long term!  

Your own personal healthy lifestyle and accountability coach, who carefully coaches you through how to overcome what stopped you in the past, and provides easy to adopt health habits. These health habits will transform your everyday control of what you eat, how you sleep, how you generate energy and how you deal with stress & anxiety. 

Do you want me to help you get the results you want want with fun, safe, and effective workouts in as little as two hours per week? Just click the button below to get started! 
Our Mission is to Get to The Roots of why you’ve been unsuccessful or yo-yoed with your health in the past and put an end to it, get you amazing results fast, and teach you how to make your Results Last a Lifetime.
If you can believe in this video, your success is guaranteed or your money back!

Does it make sense to you?
When we put an end to your pain or injury.

When your exercise and nutrition is customized to meet your unique needs.

When you understand and can apply how to turn anxiety into excitement and energy.

When you can fall asleep easy, stay asleep all night and wake up rested consistently.

When you believe in yourself, your plan and actually enjoy your journey.

When you have an friction free source of communication, accountability and support.

Is when you’ve planted the deepest ROOTS for your health.

That’s when it will last forever.

Does it make sense to you? 

Personal training in Pittsburgh
Location and Hours - Find Your New Health & Fitness Family! 
Southwest Pittsburgh, PA Group Personal Training/Fitness Class/Physiotherapy Facility
Tequesta fitness boot camp and personal training boxing studio
203 Hirshinger Rd., Coraopolis, PA 15108

Open Monday - Friday 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
& Saturdays from 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
*Sundays by appointment only
Our complete athletic development program is designed to help any athlete get Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Stay on the Field All Season, Catch the coaches eye and advance their playing career from Middle School Through High School and Beyond.

How it works 

We understand each athlete in every sport has unique needs because of this we start each athlete we train with our proven athletic assessment & goal setting process.
In the assessment we are going to look for your athletes strengths, weaknesses, imbalances and find out where their biggest glaring needs are specifically in relation to their sport and position.

Next, we’ll breakdown their specific goals and design a plan specifically for them to have success.

Depending on the age, ability and goals of the athlete they will enter either our Foundations or Premier Programs complete with individualized workouts, at home exercises, body maintenance and recovery plans, nutrition coaching and meal plans where necessary.
"My children (Brendan and Kaitlyn) needed help with their strength and athleticism. Through their sessions with Inner Strength they have increased.
Both areas and continue to get stronger while increasing their confidence. You can see the growth that they have made in the areas that need improvement and that has translated to the ice. They are bigger, stronger faster and more confident in their abilities. "
- Derek Schooley (Head Coach, Robert Morris Hockey)
"Austin came to WadeTrained to put on muscle and improve his all around strength and speed for baseball.
During his first off-season training at WadeTrained he gained 30lbs of lean muscle in 6 months.
Now Austin is ranked by Perfect Game Baseball as the #1 Freshman in the Country
He recently had his bat speed clocked at 98 MPH at a national showcase. 6 MPH faster than anyone else at the event!"

-Austin Hendrick
"I came to these guys during my 8th grade year, not sure about what sports I wanted to play in
high school. I was really skinny and fell over in my first evaluation doing a simple squat!
At that point I was 5’7 135 and all I knew was I wanted to get faster, stronger and put on lots of
muscle. That summer, I trained like a madman, 5x a week. It was the best summer ever and Coach Wade made me feel at home in the gym.
That summer I gained 25 pounds of pretty much all muscle and decided to play football even though I had never played before. Coach Wade had lots of confidence in me and I made Varsity as a freshman. Now I’m a 6 ft 210 lb Sophomore and am preparing to play a major role on Seton LaSalle High School’s Defense as a Middle Linebacker and hopefully as a Captain.
There’s no way I would’ve gotten here without Coach. He always has a plan for me to keep pushing me forward no matter if it’s In Season, Off Season, Completely Healthy or Beat Up during the long season.
I’ll never train anywhere else."

-Shane Dugan
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